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All QUALICASE aluminum cases are built custom for you, our customer. The advantage of a custom aluminum case is that we can build it to fit your requirements exactly!


Since there are no standard sizes, you don't have to fit your components into a fixed-sized case. We've built small briefcase-sized cases, cases up to 3 feet x 3 feet x 15 feet long and everything in between.
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The standard exterior finish is stucco aluminum BUT
  • If you would like a bit of color, we can use colored ABS sheeting on the exterior. We can also silk screen your name or logo on the ABS if you would like.
  • If you need a front-opening case with a back-opening panel - we can do that.
  • Top opening lid with fold down front - we've done it!
  • Your imagination is the only limitation!
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We can engineer the interiors to provide the ultimate in shock absorption, even for such sensitive instruments as aircraft gyroscopes. We use Dow ethafoam 220 Black foam with blocking as required to secure your equipment. If you need a number of interior dividers, sure, no problem.


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We normally use a heavy-duty, coated, twist-lock latch that is recessed in a coated steel dish. Depending on the requirements, we can install an extra, heavy-duty latch as well. Either or both of these latches can be locking.
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Our handles are spring-loaded, rubber-coated and mounted in a recessed dish. Mounting the case hardware in these recessed dishes minimizes travel damage done by common carriers. Smaller cases can have pull-out extension handles with corner wheels for easier airport travel. Of course, if carriers treated everything gently, we would be out of business!
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The edges of the cases are joined with a special “double edge” aluminum extrusion that is riveted in place. The lid to base joint is also a special aluminum extrusion and can be fitted with an O-ring to create a weatherproof seal.


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  • Casters
  • Custom recessed dishes for electrical connectors
  • Access panels
  • Forklift bases
  • Ask us.


As for Aluminum cases, we can fabricate sheet aluminum or steel cases to meet your requirements.
  • We can build them as shipping cases or instrument enclosures.
  • If you need internal mounting brackets, faceplates or windows, steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction, we can do it.
  • Powder coating if or as required.
  • We can also build them to be water resistant.

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