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Pelican is North America's largest producer of protective carrying cases. QUALICASE is a full service dealer with competitive pricing.

QUALICASE started selling Pelican cases when their entire line consisted of just five sizes. Today there more than 46 different sizes in the Pelican line. These cases are constructed of Copolymer Polypropylene Structure resin. They are watertight, airtight and dust-proof. The largest cases come with wheels and pull out handles.

We can supply them to you empty or with the standard “pick and pluck” pre-scored foam so the interior can quickly be configured for your equipment.

BUT we specialize in going beyond the standard. If you have a number of components, we can custom fit the interior for you. We will measure your equipment and recommend the best style of interior: for certain applications, a die cut or CNC router cut foam insert may be just what is needed: other applications might require one or more fixed partitions with custom foam blocking. Whatever is required, we can probably do it!

We have installed windows in cases, mounting blocks, waterproof grommets, half faceplates, external brackets etc. We can even do precision aluminum faceplates.

Contact us for more information or see more info about these cases at the Manufacturer’s web site.
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